Who are we?

PCCN is a short-term (30-90 Days), transitional, clinical service for individual who are experiencing a crisis. PCCN is comprised of a number of community agencies and organizations that are partnered together to create the Network.


Through assessment and coordination of short-term and transitional support resources and in collaboration with the Network Partners, PCCN’s mission is to support individuals with developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis in overcoming crisis.

We Help:
  • Those who are 11 years and older
  • Who are in crisis
  • Who have a developmental Disability
  • And who live in the Peel Region

What is crisis?

Crisis is the onset of an emotional disturbance or situational distress which may be cumulative and result in:


  • Sudden breakdown of an individual’s ability to cope
  • Individual’s state of crisis (distress) is not likely to change/improve and may worsen without immediate intervention
  • Such crisis may result in putting the person at risk of potential harm to themselves or others

Serving the Region of Peel:

There are a variety of community services available to you and your family in the Peel Region that may be of support and help to prevent crisis.